Y cyhuddiadaU



Y Cyhuddiadau is Dafydd Hedd's debut album. It has 11 very diverse styles including pop, rock, dance, reggae and love. She described it as a collection of songs about love, sadness, modern life and community.

It is now available on all major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The album's most popular songs were Cyhuddiadau, Vector and Gwyrddlas. A collection of fun songs played in gigs pre-covid.

Awards and reviews:

Y Cyhuddiadau was nominated for the 2019 Selar Awards, and ranked 10th.

You can read the review here:




Dafydd Hedd's second album, Hunanladdiad Atlas (Suicide of The Atlas), is a collection of nine songs covering geo-political themes, the loss of friends, social justice and most of all, the climate crisis. Dafydd has always been a person concerned about the breakdown of the environment, and taking part in an XR protest and learning more about the subject prompted him to write the title track: Fflamdy. He also mentions his post-industrial home Bethesda, discussing the quarry's story in Craith Weledol. Breaking the dark tone, several blushy English songs break. The gravelly voice conveys his heartbreaking experiences at North Pole and Glowstick. Several darker non-blues songs, such as Cyfarwydd a Phrin, one of the most popular songs from the collection, talk about the habits of young lads with love-keeping and the problems of separation in modern society. Finally, comes Atlantico, with samples of the sea to get the message across that everything does not last forever, and even if you lose people, new people will come, and use the idea of ​​sea erosion in 'Atlantico' to convey this.

Gwobrau ac Adolygiadau

Hunanladdiad Atlas was again nominated for a Selar award in the 2020 Best Long Record category:

Dafydd ranked 7th in this category, improving on the previous year.

In terms of reviews, Sarah Wyn Jones from MonFM said:

"Dafydd Hedd has developed his craft in this new album. I hear more development with his sound but stick to his strong aptitude for writing words and telling feelings and stories. His talent is many years ahead of him his age. It's a privilege to listen to the album first "- Sarah Wynne, Mon FM

Daf Jones also wrote a full review of my Hunanladdiad Atlas album. Read here:

Darlun: Gog Republic




A single to thank key workers for their help during COVID. You won't be forgotten

No awards

Celf: Iestyn Gwyn Jones


Dafydd is becoming one of the best young artists on the scene! He has the ability to write and produce his own work in class, and shows how much David has a passion for music, and the scene. This is a song and a half. Watch out




Follow Me is a single recorded, produced and written over the web with Iestyn Gwyn Jones during the pandemic. It's a song that talks about hope in a bleak context. The words that stand out most are "things will get better", "you can follow me" and "come outside, see the view". The song is an indie rock with a great build up to the final chorus through the use of guitar and atmospheric production to raise tension.

Awards and reviews:

No prize has already been awarded to Follow Me.

elis derby review

Dafydd Hedd is an artist who has continued to keep busy during what has been an exceptionally challenging year for performers - whether by leading the "The Calendar" podcast, or staging virtual gigs on his Instagram page. The single "Follow Me" is the latest addition to the Bethesda musician's canon. I've always considered David's music to have a pretty bluesy feel, based mostly on gritty guitar noise, so hearing piano was the main instrument

a breath of fresh air. His unique voice blends beautifully with the song's melancholic chords, which create a bleak and dark atmosphere, though the lyrics contrast; “Follow me, things will get better”. I feel the production needs to be taken into consideration as well, with the heavy reverb on the background guitar being the perfect addition to the atmospheric atmosphere. Although I liked the production and the instrumentation, I feel that the song would have benefited from more musical development, for example by adding more instruments to the end, or introducing a whole new section. Otherwise, from my point of view, this is the most mature example of Dafydd Hedd's work to date, taking us in a different direction. I look forward to hearing more about what the young musician has to offer.

Celf: Lleucu Bryn




A new EP that talks about people's struggles and feelings through difficult times with hopeful intervals from time to time.

It is a collection of 5 songs that are very different. From reggae, punk, rock, pop and country, there's something for everyone on this new collection that is being recorded in Studio Un.


Y Selar - Record Fer Orau - Top 4 


niwl - endaf (ft. dafydd hedd + mike rp)



This electronic track was created as a result of winning a Young Driver Talent competition with Mike RP. It has a laid-back feel and Disclosure feel, with passionate vocals that have brought previous songs together and intensified each other. He talks about the feeling of 'Fog' when feeling things like love, guilt and when it's not the right thing to do. Endaf and Mike then create funky dance music to accompany the idea of words and voice.


Gwobrau Selar - Can Orau - Top 4

Welsh connections:

"Niwl” is a single released by a group of musicians/artists who have been part of a project called “Sbardun Talent Ifanc” - which is lead by Endaf Roberts – that gives young up and coming musicians the chance to collaborate with Endaf and create new Welsh language music. Two of four successful applicants for the song were Mike Pritchard (Mike RP) and Dafydd Hedd who both feature in the track. Bethesda based Dafydd is an 18 year old artist who has experience with multiple genres including indie rock, blues, pop and punk (“Niwl” being his first introduction to electronic music) Mike RP is a 19 year old DJ / producer and is mainly associated with tech house and disco. The combination of Dafydd’s vocals and Mike’s club influences work really well together in an eclectic mix of electro and jazz, there is an unmistakable club/remix vibe throughout the track featuring a bouncy bassline and heavy

synth notes that fit perfectly with the Welsh lyrics and Dafydd’s voice. “Niwl” is a song that would complete the soundtrack for a summer of sunshine and the many socially distanced outdoor events that have successfully helped music make its much anticipated comeback. What is even more worth praising is the

main goal of the project which has created the opportunities to set up collaborations between artists who may never have had the chance without it – and “Niwl” proves the efforts have paid off pretty well indeed. A real track for the summer!




Atgyfodi is a dance track that discusses the great feeling of overcoming difficult times. It is energetic, happy and passionate.

Awards + Reviews:





Inspired by the conflict of either following your dreams or having to earn a living, this bitter track recreates the joy of creating in an ever more corporate landscape. Spacey chorused guitars and a catchy riff encapsulates the song from the beginning. Tight and hard-hitting drums carry the vibe across the song. Dafydd’s grungy and frustrated persona along with his grainy and melodic vocal sets the story and the frustration and joy that creatives often live by.

The album art has a minimalistic template containing little but a title and the bag full of money wearing a beanie hat. It’s those who carry on creating despite the struggles that are indie to me. 

Musically influenced by Megan Wyn, Joey Gardiner, The Skinner Brothers, Alfie Templeman, Liam Gallagher, Blur, Alfie Templeman, and Paramore. Although it’s quite a catch all umbrella of artists, the music is upbeat, has a groovy bass and swing rhythm, people tap their feet and move their hips when it’s played at gigs and it’s a meaningful add to any indie pop or rock playlist.

The type of person who’d love this song may be those wanting a change in the system, hardworking people giving their all in the hope of better days, and indie music lovers and those listeners (legends) who go out of their way to support independent creativity.

No awards




Drum and bass remix of the song Dafydd wrote about dissassociation and losing a personality.




The song was inspired by a poem I wrote when I was fourteen years old about how the feeling of unity in the community has evolved over the ages. As an artist from Bethesda, right in the middle of the quarries, the industrial history of the area has made an impression on me. While studying economics in Bristol and reading through old notebooks, I happened to come across the words "How the scene changes? The castle that turns warlike, a cold chapel that still stands, a sorrow that’s routine” (the poem is Welsh and this is a very literal translation). Either way, I felt like I had to create something with this, and try to contrast it with the present.


There is an indie rock vibe with a relaxed feel and energetic intervals. The sound has clearly been influenced by Nirvana, Maffia Mr Huws and Papur Wal with Dafydd's grainy but expressive voice. The guitar sound is a mix of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The 1975 and Mari Mathias. Morgan on the drums has been inspired by shoegaze artists such as Block Party and Tame Imapala and this can be seen in the fills. Osian Cai also takes similar inspiration. The words convey themes of social frustration, despair, existentialism and longing.




I wrote "Bia Y Nos" last year, amid the drink-spiking crisis to empower victims and send a message. Everyone should be able to enjoy a night out regardless of who they are. The crisis was terrible in Bristol, where I'm a student, so I funnelled my first-hand anger and frustration into this song.


Musically, it has a similar feel to Radiohead, Declan McKenna, CHROMA, Mellt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Sam Fender. It's characteristic of our developing chilled-out indie vibe, particularly where different guitar melodies lay on top of each other. Thematically, it addresses social justice, safety, resistance and feeling like you're being looked out for. 


In a few words: a feminist indie anthem that aims to empower, inspire, and make people feel safe.





I wrote "Rocstar" from the childish and myopic perspective of a young artist who sees nothing else as important apart from rocking, gigging and touring the world. This is contrasted with the reality of life, political injustices and finding a love in other dreams. During the  song, the "rockstar" grows up; still loving all things music but urges the world to "fight for their rights for the future of the world". The cover looks like a photoshopped stone with an upside down smile, googly eyes and stars in the background. The simple nature (a bit too simple if anything) of this art conveys dysregulation of complex emotions: not being able to follow your dream and the anger, sadness, jealousy and inner confusion that unfolds.


Musically, it has a similar feel and was influenced by Nirvana, Los Blancos, BLE?, The Clash, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Sam Fender. It is typical of the 'chill' punk vibe that is developing.


In a few words: an alternative, grunge-rock anthem that tells the story of a young "rockstar" maturing and becoming angry when injustice kills dreams.